Therapy for Children

Therapy can help people of all ages, including children and their parents.  It provides a safe space, an “outside” perspective, and opportunities to grow and learn.

Our child therapists work with children ages 3 and older. Child therapy usually involves a combination of playing, talking, and learning and practicing new skills. Parent/caregiver involvement is also very important. As a caregiver, you have valuable information that can help your therapist help your child. Children may be given “assignments” to carry what they are learning in therapy into their day-to-day lives; parents play a key role in helping kids to practice new skills. And, if you have questions about parenting, your therapist is here to help.

Some reasons children come to us for therapy include:

  • anxiety and fears
  • past abuse or trauma, including trauma related to parent addiction
  • grief/loss
  • depression
  • family disruptions
  • toileting difficulty
  • picky eating
  • behavior issues
  • tantrums, anger issues, or trouble managing emotions

“Too often we give our children answers to remember, rather than problems to solve.”

~Roger Lewin