Apps can be a great resource for both kids and adults to learn mindfulness and relaxation skills, and integrate them into our daily lives. Like any skill, relaxation and mindfulness need to be practiced on a regular basis before they’ll be useful in times of stress. Try to set aside a few minutes each day and make this a regular part of your routine. Below are a few apps we often recommend to clients.

For Parents

  • HeadSpace: Guided Meditation & Mindfulness – The “Take 10” series is an excellent introduction to mindfulness (10 minutes/day for 10 days) and unlocks your access to a library of meditations.
  • Smiling Mind This one can be used by the whole family – it has programs for ages 7 to adult included in one app.
  • Calm – Guided breathing and a 7-day introduction to the basics of mindfulness meditation.
  • Virtual Hope Box – A mix of relaxation, coping, distraction, and positive thinking tools that can be personalized by users.

For Teens & Tweens

The apps listed above for parents may also be helpful for teens, and some middle-schoolers will still enjoy the “kid” apps. However, here are a few designed specifically for middle and high school-age youth.

  • Stop, Breathe, & Think – Includes information on how to meditate and a wide variety of guided activities to explore. Track your progress and earn “stickers.”
  • Rays of Calm 2 – Five short relaxation tracks, designed specifically with teens in mind.

For Young Kids (Preschool & Elementary Age)

  • Stop, Breathe Think for Kids – Kids can let the app choose an activity that matches their current state of mind or select from one of several missions designed to create “force field of calm,” earning virtual stickers along the way. Animated videos accompany each mission.
  • Mind Yeti – Kids can choose from “moment” activities designed to help them calm down, reset, or fall asleep, or develop “powers” like gratitude, breath, and feelings.
  • Bedtime Meditations for Kids – Three guided imagery tracks, lasting 16-17 minutes each.
  • Enchanted Meditations for Kids – Four guided imagery tracks, lasting 5-10 minutes each.
  • Peaceful Sleep – Includes four bed-time meditations.

“When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace.”