Appointment Requests

For New Clients

Our Carlisle office is currently full and not accepting new clients. We have a limited number of openings in Chambersburg for clients with Medical Assistance as their only insurance.  (updated 4/20/2023)

Thank you for considering Campbell Psychological for your therapy journey! Our openings for new clients vary by therapist and fluctuate from week to week. We want therapy to be a positive experience, so we do our best to match new clients with a therapist who will be a good fit for the concerns bringing them to therapy.

A few things to note before continuing:

  • New clients must live within 30-minutes of the office selected.
  • We do not provide psychological evaluations, couples counseling, or prescribe medication.
  • Our offices are open Monday through Friday and close at 5 PM.  Therapy requires regular attendance. If you cannot regularly come before 5 PM on weekdays, our office will not be a good fit for your schedule. Afterschool appointments are extremely limited.
  • If our office is not a good fit or we do not have openings, we will let you know.