Insurance & Payment Information


Services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance plan. Coverage may depend on whether we are in-network or out-of-network with your insurance plan.

In-Network: We are credentialed with the insurance plans listed below. If you have one of these plans, we will check your benefits when you schedule your first appointment and will submit claims directly to your insurance. You will be responsible for paying your co-pay or deductible, if you have one. Please note that not all of our therapists accept every insurance listed; please visit individual therapist pages to learn which plans are accepted by each therapist.

  • Capital Blue Cross
  • CHIP (Capital, Highmark, Geisinger, UPMC)
  • Geisinger Health Plan
  • Highmark Blue Shield
  • Other Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans
  • Quest Behavioral Health
  • UPMC Health Plan
  • Medical AssistanceWe work with PerformCare, which is the local Medical Assistance behavioral health managed care organization. If you are a resident of Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Fulton, Lancaster, Lebanon, or Perry county, you most likely have PerformCare coverage. Feel free to contact us and we will check for you.

Out-of-Network:  If your insurance plan is not listed above, we do not contract with your insurance but are happy to work with you “out-of-network.” This means that you are responsible for paying in full at the time of service and submitting to your insurance company for potential reimbursement.

How do I know if my insurance will cover out-of-network mental health services? Find out what your insuance will cover by calling the number on the back of your insurance card and asking about out-of-network mental health benefits. You’ll want to know your out-of-network deductible, what percent or amount your insurance will pay, and the maximum amount your insurance will pay per session. Ask them to use billing code 90837 (individual therapy, 53+ minutes) as your benchmark.

How do I get reimbursed by my insurance?  There are a couple of ways to get reimbursed. When you complete Intake Paperwork for our office, we’ll ask which option you’d like to use.

Option 1: Use Mentaya to submit out-of-network insurance claims on your behalf, for a small fee (5% of the claim amount). Visit Mentaya’s website for more info. (Note: Using Mentaya is completely optional and is suggested only for your convenience. As a practice, we do not benefit in any way from your participation.)

Option 2: We can provide you a financial statement called a “Superbill” to submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement. You’ll need to ask your insurance what the steps are for submitting.


If you do not have insurance or prefer not to use it, you may pay out-of-pocket. We will provide a Good Faith Estimate before your first appointment. Payment is due at the time of your appointment.


Therapy  –  Appointments are typically 45-55 minutes

  • Intake appointment: $225
  • Individual Therapy: $165
  • Family Therapy, including Parent Sessions:$165

Missed Appointment Fee: This fee is not covered by insurance and is the responsibility of the client. To avoid missed appointment fees, please provide at least 24 hours notice if you are unable to keep your appointment. 

  • Missed Appointment Fee: $75
  • This fee is charged for: a) no shows, b) late cancellations, or c) arriving 15+ minutes late for the appointment (in which case, the appointment is not held).

Non-face-to-face activities – Not covered by insurance

  • Phone calls longer than 10 minutes: $100/hour (minimum $25)
  • Letter & report writing: $100/hour (minimum $50)
  • Meeting attendance and travel: $100/hour (minimum $50)

Any court-related activity: $225/hour

Rates effective January 1, 2023. A complete list of our current rates is available upon request.


Payment is due at the time of service. We require clients to place a credit card on file and enroll in our autopay service, which ensures payments are made in a timely manner. We accept all major credit cards and HSA cards. Invoices and payment history can be accessed through the Client Portal, or you may contact our Office Manager for copies.


Insurance can be confusing! We hope the pages below will help provide some clarity.


If you have questions about using your insurance or being seen out-of-network, please contact our Office Manager, Christine,  at or (717) 422-6440, ext. 20.

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