Local Resources

Helping kids and families find what they need

Our community has a wealth of resources and supports for families – if you know where to find them! From child care to youth recreation, state-funded insurance to advocacy groups, and Early Intervention to parenting programs, we’ve rounded up a list of resources and programs in the Carlisle area.

Books for Parents

A collection of our favorite books on building a strong relationship with your child, setting loving and effective limits, and addressing challenges like anxiety, mood disorders, or attention issues.

Books for Kids

Books are a fabulous resource for teaching children about feelings, introducing new coping or social skills, and helping them to make sense of difficult situations – especially if you aren’t sure where to begin. Check out our picks.

Helpful Apps

Smart phone apps are a great resource to help kids and adults learn mindfulness and relaxation skills, and integrate those skills into our daily lives. We’ve compiled a list of apps we often recommend to clients.

Visit the Client Portal

for Campbell Psychological Services

Established clients can use the portal to view upcoming appointments, see shared documents, send a secure message, and view payment history.